How to Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 On PS4

FIFA season already! Aren’t we all just super excited? Planning 3 months ahead to make it to the stadium in Russia and whatnot. However, there is also a majority who will not be able to make it to the venue but are maniacs when it comes to football and particularly FIFA. If they are not watching football, they are out there playing it themselves on the ground, or at home playing on their PS4 or Xbox.

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Well, it’s time for some FIFA action again so all those not able to make the venue must turn their gaming consoles into their entertainment hub for live streaming FIFA 2018 world cup on PS4.

Watch FIFA on PS4

If you don’t have cable and are looking for solutions to watch the football tournament happening in Russia, well look no more. We have a walkthrough of how you can watch it on your PS4 and that too without paying a dime!!

How? Just get a VPN. That simple. Connect to the VPN and watch it on the Russian channel live for free. Let me guide you step by step:

  1. Get a trusted and reliable VPN
  2. Connect VPN to Russia
  3. On the browser of PS4, go to

And you are done. As simple as 1,2,3 right?

But here is something important to note; always get a paid VPN. The reasons are multiple for this but 2 important ones for this case are that a free VPN doesn’t let you change location which means you will be stuck with whichever location server it decides to show you and the chances of it being Russia are quite thin. Secondly, a paid VPN is important so your data is protected without any logs being maintained. Get yourself a paid VPN so you can enjoy FIFA 2018 on PS4 with complete ease!

watch fifa free live

FIFA details

  • Hosting Country: Russia
  • Starting: 14th June
  • Final: 15th July
  • Total Matches: 64
  • Countries Participating: 32
  • Team Division: 8 groups from A – H

Can’t wait for your favorite team to make it to the finals? Nor can we! Betting on Germany or France? Whichever it is, don’t miss the action and catch it all on the Russian Channel with VPN.
However FIFA can be live stream through acestream Football channels


There are many methods of watching FIFA but fans who loved playing FIFA on their gaming consoles can definitely benefit from it and watch FIFA 2018 world cup on PS4 without any subscriptions, which means for free!

All that is required to acquire ease is a VPN connection that is reliable so you can change your location depending on the desired content, in which case it is FIFA currently. Connect and enjoy. Happy FIFA watching. Fingers crossed for the finals!

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