How to Watch FIFA World Cup on Apple TV (Tried and Tested)

So the most sought-after sporting event in the world, FIFA World Cup, will be kicking off on 14th June 2018 in Russia. Most footballing fans have already made plans to stream the event live on their Apple TVs. I reckon you must be one of them, that’s why you stumbled upon this blog. Read along to find out everything you need to know about watching FIFA World Cup on Apple Tv.

Watch FIFA World Cup on Apple TV

The two channels that will be streaming FIFA live on Apple tv in the US are Fox Sports GO and NBC Sports. These two channels have the broadcasting rights of FIFA so there shouldn’t any problem watching FIFA World Cup on Apple Tv. Other than these channels BBC, MatchTV, SBS, and ITV also have the rights to stream FIFA in their respective countries.

As the recent cord-cutting trend is gaining popularity, many people in the US and other countries are switching to TV boxes and devices like Apple Tv to stream their favorite Tv shows, movies, and sports.

But, there’s this thing with Apple that bugs many of its users, the inability to download or configure any App that is either not preinstalled or is not offered by Apple. Another feature that demotivates a user to go for Apple Tv is that most of its apps are geo-restricted which means that you can only access them if you reside the country of their origin.

Apps like CBS and Fox Sports are geo-restricted as well which means that they are only available.

For example, the best apps are available in the US version of iTunes, but if you live elsewhere, you won’t be able to access these apps, including Fox Sports and NBC Sports. But, we have a solution for that and its name is VPN. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get a VPN first to download BBC iPlayer (UK), MatchTV (Russia) or ITV Player (UK) if you want to watch World Cup on Applet for Free.
  2. Configure VPN on your Router.
  3. Connect to the country to which the channel belongs. Like if you want to watch FIFA on BBC iPlayer connect to the UK and download the app.
  4. Now login and start streaming FIFA World Cup for Free

Other than the above mentioned free solutions, there are also some paid ones such as:

Fox Sports

Price: $19.99/mo % $193.99/Yr (Excluding Taxes)

Supported Devices: iOS, Android, Kindle, Windows, Roku, Apple TV, Mac

Fox Sports will be streaming all the matches live in the US. If you already own a cable subscription, then you just need to download the App on your Apple Tv and enter your credentials to start streaming. The above-mentioned prices belong to Fox Sports GO.

Apart from FIFA 2018. you can only watch Football league matches like UEFA Champions League, FA Cup, Europa League etc with this Fox Sports GO Pass.

Fubo TV

Price: $19.99/mo

Supported Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, Roku, Apple TV, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast

Fubo TV is a streaming service that is one of the best alternatives to TV channels and cable subscription. The service gives out extensive coverage of NB, NHL, College Football, Soccer etc. You can also record matches with Cloud-DVR and watch later on any device of your choice. It also gives out a 7-day money back guarantee.

Sling TV

Price: $25/mo

Supported Devices: iOS, Android, Windows, Roku, Apple TV, Mac, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast

Stream your heart out from various categories such as sports, entertainment, comedy, news, movies etc. It’s quite cheaper than other streaming services available in the market considering the amount of content it’s offering. You can also customize your subscription for more channels if you want to. The service also offers a 7-day free trial.

Well, that’s all folks. Like you, we are also anxiously looking forward to watching FIFA World Cup on Apple TV. May the best team win!

However FIFA can be live stream through acestream Football channels

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